Defamation, Slander & Libel

We serve as your advocate, whether you were victimized by embezzlement or defamation.

If another person or party injures your reputation, it can affect your personal and professional life. If you believe you are the victim of defamation, libel or slander, the Richard Aronstein is here to fight for your rights. The firm’s experienced and highly qualified legal team fully investigates your case to determine if you have been defamed. Whether a statement is a defamatory statement of fact is a question of law that requires consideration of three factors: the content of the statement, the verifiability of the statement and the context within which the statement was made.

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Defamation: Defamation occurs when a person makes a false statement about your character and as a result, you suffer professional harm. Defamation can cause a person to lose his or her job and have trouble obtaining employment in the future. If an untruthful statement made by another person has affected your life, seek assistance from a defamation attorney in New York as soon as possible.

Libel: Libel is the act of defaming another person through the written word. This may occur in a newspaper or other type of publication, or online in a posted article or blog or even in social media.

Slander: When a person makes a false oral statement about the character or professional standing of another person, he or she has committed slander.